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How to Turn On/Off Your Tab 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

The high-tech battery in your Tab 4 NOOK can hold its charge for several weeks when it’s young and fresh and the tablet is off. Once you turn it on, the battery should provide power for somewhere between six and ten hours.

You can save battery power by reducing the brightness of the screen and by turning off radios when you don’t need them.

Powering on your Tab 4 NOOK

Press and hold the Power key for two seconds (one Mississippi, two Mississippi). If this is the first time you’ve given life to your tablet, you’ll immediately start setup, which may take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how much detail you want to get into.

On the other hand, if you’ve already set up the device, turning it on brings you to either of two places:

  • The Home screen (if you haven’t required all users to enter a protective pattern, password, or PIN)

  • The Lock screen (where have to enter the proper pattern, password, or PIN)

Use the Lock screen and require users to enter a code. You’ll store personal data, photos, and logins that may keep records of your credit card or banking information.

Powering off your Tab 4 NOOK

Press the same switch for about two seconds while the device is running. A message asks if you really, really want to do that; tap Power Off to confirm.

Off is off. No alarms will ring, no email will be collected, no music will play.

Why would you want to completely turn off the NOOK tablet?

  • You’re on an airplane preparing for takeoff or landing and the flight attendant is glaring at you.

  • You’re in a hospital room with sensitive medical equipment (and doctors).

  • You want to put your tablet on the shelf for a month while you sit down with a yellow legal pad to write your own Great American (or Canadian) Novel.

  • Your battery is very low and you want to fully recharge it as quickly as possible. Attach the microUSB connector to the tablet and the full-size USB connector to an AC adapter that’s plugged into the wall.

Putting your Tab 4 NOOK to sleep

The third option is to put your tablet to sleep, which in electronic terms means that the LCD screen and most of its internal circuitry are turned off, and just a small amount of power is provided to the system — enough to allow the device to return from sleep at the push of a button. If you put a fully charged NOOK into Sleep mode, it should hold its charge for several days.

Here’s how to put the NOOK tablet to sleep: Briefly touch the Power/Lock key. Don’t hold it and count river names.

While the tablet’s asleep, the following functions are still awake:

  • Email will still be received, if the Wi-Fi radio is turned on. You can turn off the Wi-Fi from Settings, or put the tablet into Airplane Mode to reduce power consumption.

  • If your tablet is playing music, that will continue.

  • Any alarms or timers you’ve set will remain active.

To wake up a sleeping NOOK, briefly press the Power/Lock key. If you have required entry of a pattern, password, or PIN, you’ll go to the unlock screen; otherwise, the tablet will go directly to the Home screen or the last page you were consulting before its hiatus.

Setting the sleep timeout on your Tab 4 NOOK

Your tablet will go to sleep all by itself if you don’t do anything on it for a while. Why would you want this to happen? It’ll save battery power and serve as a level of protection if someone lays paws on your NOOK without your permission.

Here’s how to customize the sleep control:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the Home screen, and tap the Settings (gear) icon.

  2. Choose the Device Panel.

  3. Choose Display.

  4. Choose Screen Timeout.

  5. Choose a timeout value from the list.

    The standard value is 30 seconds. You can set the sleep timeout in a range from 15 seconds to one hour.

  6. Press the Home key to return to the Home screen.