How to Switch between Classic and Content Home Screens on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S

By Dan Gookin

The Galaxy Tab S features two sets of Home screens. The traditional Home screen is available and is called the Classic Home screen. An alternative Home screen is also available. It’s called the Content Home screen.

Classic and Content Home screens.
Classic and Content Home screens.

On the Tab S, you switch to the Content Home screen by swiping the Classic Home screen from left to right. When the screen fills with widget tiles, you’re viewing the Content Home screen.

To switch to the Classic Home screen, swipe the Content Home screen right to left. An index at the bottom of the screen shows which Home screen you’re viewing.

Each Home screen, Classic and Content, holds several pages, like a street of Home screens. Swipe the screen left or right to flip between the pages.

When you press the Home button, you’re returned to the last Home screen page you viewed on either the Classic or Content Home screen. Each Home screen features a main page. When you press the Home key a second time, you’re shown the main page.

  • The Galaxy Tab 4 uses only the Classic Home screen. A house icon appears on the Home screen index, which identifies the main Home screen page.

  • Feel free to ignore the Content Home screen. It’s unique to the Galaxy Tab S. History has shown that Samsung makes additions like this for one of device and then drops it from the next edition.

  • The biggest difference between the Classic and Content Home screens? Icons! The Classic Home screen features app launcher icons in addition to widgets. The Content Home screen shows only widgets.