How to Store Your Samsung Galaxy Tab - dummies

How to Store Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

Like your car keys, glasses, and wallet, you’ll want to store your Galaxy Tab in a place where it’s safe, easy to find, and always handy whether you’re at home, at work, or on the road.

Make a home for the Galaxy Tab

It is a good idea to keep your Tab in the same spot when it is not in use. An ideal spot would be next to your computer. Keep the charging cord handy or just plug the cord into the computer’s USB port so that you can synchronize information with your computer regularly and keep the Tab charged.

If you have a docking stand, plug your Tab into it when you’re not toting it about.

Above all, avoid keeping the Tab in a place where someone might sit on it, step on it, or damage it. For example, don’t leave the Tab under a stack of newspapers on a table or counter, where it might get accidentally tossed out or put in the recycle bin.

As long as you remember to return the Tab to the same spot when you’re done with it, you’ll always know where it is.

Tips to take the Galaxy Tab with you

You probably carry the Galaxy Tab with you around the house, around the office, at the airport, in the air, or while you’re in the car. Regardless, have a portable place to store your Tab while you’re on the road.

The ideal storage spot for the Tab is a specially designed Galaxy Tab carrying case or pouch. A case keeps the Tab from being dinged, scratched, or even unexpectedly turned on while it’s in your backpack, purse, carry-on luggage, or wherever you put the Tab when you aren’t using it.