How to Stop Unneeded Services on the Samsung Galaxy Tab - dummies

How to Stop Unneeded Services on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

Some things may be going on in your Galaxy Tab that you don’t need or even suspect. These activities include the monitoring of information, apps that update, or tiny programs that check on the device’s status. The technical term for these activities is services.

When a service has started that you don’t want, or have been requested to stop, you can halt the service. You can also halt programs that may be spinning away in the background when there’s no other apparent way to stop the thing. Here’s how:

  1. While at the Home screen, touch the Apps Menu icon button.

  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Choose Applications.

  4. Choose Running.

    You see the Running Applications screen.


  5. Touch an app.

    Most likely, it’s an app you recognize that you don’t need running or something you need to stop because it’s doing something unwanted or — heaven forbid — unsavory.

  6. On the app’s Running Services screen, touch the Stop button.

When you stop a service, you free resources used by that service. These resources include memory and processor power. The result of stopping unneeded services can be improved performance.

The service you stopped will most likely start up again the next time you start the Galaxy Tab, or if you run the app. The only way to halt a specific service for all eternity is to uninstall the program associated with that service, which is a drastic step. Even then, preinstalled apps and phone company apps are stuck to your Galaxy Tab like August ticks on a hound dog.

  • Do not randomly disable services. Many of them are required for the Galaxy Tab to do its job or for the apps you use to carry out their tasks. If you disable a service you don’t recognize and the device begins to act funny, turn the Galaxy Tab off and then on again. That should fix the problem.

  • You can use the Running Services screen to stop applications run amok, but don’t use it to quit an app you can otherwise quit. Most apps have an Exit or Sign Out command. Use the Menu icon button to locate that command and use it instead of killing the app on the Running Services screen.

  • The weird bar graph at the bottom of the Running Services screen illustrates memory usage in your Galaxy Tab. The black area represents services that cannot be stopped or killed. The gray area represents memory used by the Android system or your apps. The green area shows free, or unused, memory.