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How to Set Sound Options on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

The Sound screen is where you control which sound the Galaxy Tab plays as a ringtone, but it’s also where you can set volume and vibration options. To display the Sound screen, choose Sound from the list of categories on the left side of the Settings app screen.

Here are the worthy options on the Sound Settings screen:

Vibrate: Choose the Vibrate item to see the Vibrate menu. You have four options for vibrating the Galaxy Tab:

Always: The Tab always vibrates when it issues an alert.

Never: The Tab never vibrates.

Only in Silent Mode: The Tab vibrates when you activate Silent mode.

Only When Not in Silent Mode: The Tab vibrates all the time unless Silent mode is activated.

Volume: Though you can set the Galaxy Tab volume using the Volume buttons on the side of the gizmo, the Volume command on the Sound Settings screen lets you set the volume for a number of sound events.


Volume Setting Sounds It Controls
General Sounds generated by the Android operating system (such as when
locking the screen or connecting the dock or USB cable) plus media
sounds for videos, YouTube, the Internet, games, and other
Notification New notifications, such as new e-mail messages, calendar
appointments, or whatever else produces an alert
Alarm Warnings set by the Alarm Clock app, as well as other

For example, if you want the alarms to be loud, and all those notification sounds to be rather mute, adjust the sliders accordingly.

Notification Ringtone: Choose which sound you want to hear for a notification alert. The list of preset sounds for the Galaxy Tab is shown on the Alarm Tones menu. Choose a sound or choose Silent (at the top of the list) for no sound.

Haptic Feedback: Though the Haptic Feedback item doesn’t make noise, you can activate it to have the Galaxy Tab vibrate slightly as you manipulate items on the touchscreen.

  • You can put the Galaxy Tab in Silent mode by pressing the Down Volume button all the way down until the sound is set to zero, or silence.

  • Unlike on a cell phone, you cannot assign music or your own audio to a Galaxy Tab ringtone.