How to Send Email from Your Tab 4 NOOK's Contacts - dummies

How to Send Email from Your Tab 4 NOOK’s Contacts

By Corey Sandler

Since the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is a Wi-Fi device without a cellular phone connection, it lacks standard phone facilities. The primary means of communication from the tablet is email.

You can start an email from your contacts list:

  1. From the Contacts app, tap a contact.

    You see a contact name.

  2. Tap an email address and you (and the contact’s address) will be ready for use.

    If a contact has more than one email address, select the one you want to use.

  3. Tap an email option.

    The Tab 4 NOOK is set up to send email through Gmail. After you add the app to your tablet, that choice begins appearing as a mail option.


  4. Type your message.

    A different way to send an email is to choose the contact and tap the Menu icon in the upper right. Then tap Send Email.

And, you don’t have to start the process in Contacts. You can open a page to send an email and type in a name; the tablet will hunt in Contacts for the address.