How to Send a File from a Galaxy Tab to a PC Using Bluetooth - dummies

How to Send a File from a Galaxy Tab to a PC Using Bluetooth

By Dan Gookin

You can use the Bluetooth networking system to copy a file between your Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Bluetooth-enabled personal computer — either desktop or laptop. It’s slow and painful, but it does work.

Get started by pairing the Galaxy Tab with the Bluetooth computer. When your Galaxy Tab and computer are paired and connected, you need to use the Bluetooth item found on the Share menu in various apps. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Galaxy Tab, locate the media or file you want to send to the PC.

  2. Choose the Share command.

  3. From the Share or Share Via menu, choose Bluetooth.

    A list of Bluetooth devices appears.

  4. Choose the PC from the list.

  5. On the PC, click the Notification Area icon that appears, indicating that a Bluetooth file transfer request is pending.

  6. On the PC, click the OK button in the Access Authorization dialog box.

    The file is sent to the PC.

Usually, the received files are stored in the Bluetooth Exchange Folder, which can be found in the Documents or My Documents folder.