How to Read E-mail on the Samsung Galaxy Tab - dummies

How to Read E-mail on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

You’re alerted to the arrival of a new e-mail message in your Samsung Galaxy Tab by a notification icon. The icon differs depending on the e-mail’s source.

For a new Gmail message, you see the New Gmail notification appear at the top of the touchscreen.


For a new e-mail message, you see the New Email notification.


As mail comes in, you can read it by choosing a new e-mail notification. Reading and working with the message operate much the same whether you’re using the Gmail or Email app.

Choose a message to read by touching the message on the left side of the screen. The message text appears on the right side of the window, which you can scroll up or down by using your finger.

Use the Newer and Older buttons to page through your messages one at a time.


To access additional e-mail commands, touch the Menu icon button. The commands available depend on what you’re doing in the Gmail or Email app at the time you touch the button.

  • Use Reply All only when everyone else must get a copy of your reply. Because most people find endless Reply All e-mail threads annoying, use the Reply All option judiciously.

  • Starred messages can be viewed or searched separately, making them easier to locate later.

  • If you properly configure the Email program, there’s no need to delete messages you read.