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How to Print from Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

How can you get a document or file from your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK to a printer? The idea of a tablet, of course, is to have the world in your hand: digital versions of books, magazines, newspapers, documents, and the Internet. But sometimes you need — or at least want — something in print. Check out your options.

You can accomplish this three ways:

  • Send a copy of a file as an attachment to an email. Open that attachment on a desktop or laptop computer that’s connected to a printer.

  • Send a file to a service bureau, like those offered at a number of office supply stores, and have them do the printing for you.

  • Use apps and plug-in adaptations to the operating system that allow the Tab S2 NOOK to transmit a file over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, or Bluetooth. This technology is still developing; check with Samsung about its own printers, some of which have this capability. Check with other printer manufacturers that have wireless capabilities for information on availability and configuration of plug-ins.

Here’s how to adapt your Tab S2 NOOK for this purpose:

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon and then tap the Settings icon.

  2. Tap More Connection Settings.

  3. Tap Printing.

  4. Tap a print service and follow the onscreen instructions.

  5. Tap Download Plug-In (if necessary).

From within the Settings page, you can go to a page of apps that you can download to your Tab S2 NOOK for wireless connection.

Printer plug-ins that allow you to print from your Nook.
Many major printer companies are offering plug-ins that adapt the Tab S2 NOOK to broadcast files to printers with built-in Wi-Fi or other wireless systems.