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How to Prepare Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S for Travel

By Dan Gookin

Unless the house is on fire, you should prepare several things before leaving on a trip with your Galaxy tablet. First and most important, of course, is to charge the thing. Plug your in overnight if you’re leaving the next day.

Another good thing to do is to synchronize media with your computer. This operation isn’t so much for taking media with you but rather to ensure that you have a backup of the tablet’s media on your computer.

Consider getting some ebooks and music for the road. Using the Play Books online library before you leave will save you from having to wander aimlessly in some airport sundry store, trying hard to focus on the good books rather than on the salty snacks.

Also — and this is important: Remember to download ebooks and music, especially if you’ll be somewhere that the Internet is unavailable.

Another nifty thing to do is to save some web pages for later reading. Here’s how to save a web page by using the Internet app:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to save for later reading.

  2. Tap the Action Overflow icon and choose Save Page.

    The page is downloaded, saved to the tablet’s internal storage.

Repeat these steps for each web page you want to read when offline.

To view the page, touch the Bookmarks icon, and then touch the Saved Pages tab or choose Saved Pages from the action bar. You see the web page listed, along with other items you’ve downloaded.

For an airplane jaunt that lasts longer than 10 minutes, load up your Tab with plenty of games. Sure, you can convince yourself that you really, really are going to get some work done during your flight. You may have even promised the boss, but games really do help make the time pass quickly.

Finally, don’t forget your tickets! Many airlines offer apps that may traveling easy because they generate notifications for your schedule and provide timely gate changes or flight delays. Plus, you can use the Tab as your eticket. Search the Play Store to see whether your preferred airline offers an app.