How to Play a Song from Your Galaxy Tab - dummies

How to Play a Song from Your Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

Listening to music on your Galaxy Tab is very simple. To listen to music by locating a song in your Music library, touch the song title, and the song plays.


While the song plays, you’re free to do anything else on the Galaxy Tab. In fact, the song continues to play even when the Tab goes to sleep.

After the song is done playing, the next song in the list plays. The list order depends on how you start the song. For example, if you start a song from the album view, all songs in that album play in the order listed.

The next song in the list doesn’t play if you have the Shuffle button activated. In that case, the Music app randomly chooses another song from the same list. Who knows which one is next?

The next song also might not play when you have the Repeat option on. To change settings, simply touch either the Shuffle or Repeat button.


To stop the song from playing, touch the Pause button.

A notification icon appears while music is playing on the Galaxy Tab. To quickly summon the Music app and see which song is playing, or to pause the song, touch that notification, or pop up the notifications list, to see the name of the song that’s playing. You can use the controls in the notification to pause the song or to skip forward or backward.


  • Volume is set by using the Volume switch on the left side of the Galaxy Tab: Up is louder; down is quieter.

  • While browsing the Music library, you see the currently playing song displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  • When you’re browsing your Music library, you may see a green song-is-playing icon. This icon flags any song that’s playing or paused.


  • Determining which song plays next depends on how you chose the song that’s playing. If you choose a song by artist, all songs from that artist play, one after the other. When you choose a song by album, that album plays. Choosing a song from the entire song list causes all songs in the Music library to play.

  • To choose which songs play after each other, create a playlist.

  • After the last song in the list plays, the Music app stops playing songs — unless you have the List Repeat option set, in which case the list plays again.

  • You can use the Galaxy Tab’s search abilities to help locate tunes in your Music library. You can search by artist name, song title, or album. The key is to touch the Search icon button when you’re using the Music app. Type all or part of the text you’re searching for and touch the Search button on the onscreen keyboard. Choose the song you want to hear from the list that’s displayed.