How to Enter Airplane Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Tab - dummies

How to Enter Airplane Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

Though the Galaxy Tab isn’t a cell phone, you still have to heed the flight crew’s warnings regarding cell phones. Since the Galaxy Tab can connect to a digital cell network, it has to follow the same “in flight” rules as any cell phone.

First and foremost, turn off the Galaxy Tab when instructed to do so. This direction is given before takeoff and landing, so be prepared.

Before takeoff, you’ll most likely want to put the Tab into Airplane or Flight mode. Yep, it’s the same Airplane mode you see on a cell phone: The various scary and dangerous wireless radios on the Tab are disabled in that mode.

With Airplane mode active, you’re free to use the Tab in-flight, and you can rest assured that with Airplane mode active, you face little risk of the Galaxy Tab causing the plane’s navigational equipment to fail and the entire flight to end as a fireball over Wyoming.

To enter Airplane mode on the Galaxy Tab, follow these steps just before takeoff:

  1. At the Home screen, touch the current time to pop up the list of notifications.

  2. Touch the Quick Settings button.


  3. Choose Airplane Mode to turn that option on.

    On the Wi-Fi Tab, the option is titled Flight Mode. Same thing.


When the Galaxy Tab is in Airplane mode, a special icon appears by the current time at the bottom right of the screen. You might also see the text No Internet Connection appear because it’s true!

And now, for the quick shortcut: To put the Galaxy Tab into Airplane mode, press and hold the Power button and choose the Airplane Mode command.

To exit Airplane mode, repeat the steps, but remove the green check mark by touching the square next to Airplane Mode.

  • Officially, the Galaxy Tab must be powered off when the plane is taking off or landing.

  • You can compose e-mail while the Tab is in Airplane mode. The messages aren’t sent until you disable Airplane mode and connect again with a data network.

  • Bluetooth networking is disabled in Airplane mode.

  • Many airlines now feature wireless networking onboard, which you can use with the Galaxy Tab — if you’re willing to pay for the service. Simply activate Wi-Fi on the Tab and then connect to the in-flight wireless network when it’s available.