How to Create Multiple E-mail Accounts on the Samsung Galaxy Tab - dummies

How to Create Multiple E-mail Accounts on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Email app can be configured to pick up mail from multiple sources. If you have a Yahoo! Mail or Windows Live account, or maybe your corporate account, in addition to your ISP’s account, you can add them. Follow through with these steps:

  1. Visit the Apps Menu and start the Settings app.

  2. Choose Accounts & Sync.

  3. Touch the Add Account button.

  4. If your account type is shown in the list, such as Yahoo! Mail, choose it. Otherwise, choose the Email icon.

  5. Type the account’s e-mail address.

  6. Type the password for the account.

  7. Touch the Next button.

    In a few magical moments, the e-mail account is configured and added to the account list.

    If you goofed up the account name or password, you’re warned: Try again. Or if the account requires additional setup, use the information provided by the ISP or other source to help you fill in the appropriate fields.

  8. Set account options.

    Most of the preset choices are fine for a web-based e-mail account.

    If the account is your primary e-mail account, place a green check mark by the option Send Email from this Account by Default.

    You might also consider a more frequent update interval, especially if you get a lot of mail or need to respond to it quickly.

  9. Touch the Next button.

  10. Name the account and confirm your name.

    Feel free to change both the account name and your own name.

  11. Touch the Next button.

    The account is added to the list on the My Accounts screen.

You can repeat these steps to add more e-mail accounts. All the accounts you configure will be made available through the Email app.