How to Create Albums in the Galaxy Tab Gallery - dummies

How to Create Albums in the Galaxy Tab Gallery

By Dan Gookin

The Gallery app on the Galaxy Tab seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to creating photo albums. Don’t fear that app because you believe it has some hideous intelligence. It doesn’t: Like other apps, the Gallery is just taking orders from the tablet to create various and sundry albums. It can also take orders from you, the human, as well as from other apps. You just need to know the secret.

To create your own photo album in the Gallery app, deliberately follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gallery app.

  2. View the album containing the images you want to copy or move into the new album.

    You can create the album by using one or several images at a time, but you need to be viewing an album to initiate the selection process.

  3. Long-press the image you want to add to the album.

    After long-pressing, check boxes appear by each image. The image you long-pressed has a check mark in the box. That means it’s selected.

  4. Touch the check boxes for any other images you want to place in the new album.

    The photos you choose become selected and can be copied or moved to the new folder — or to another album in the Gallery.

  5. Tap the Action Overflow icon and choose either Copy to Album or Move to Album.

    You see the Copy To or Move To card. It lists the tablet’s internal storage as the Camera folder, external storage as the SD Card icon, plus other Gallery albums.

    If you desire, you can copy or move the selected photos to the albums shown in the list. To create a new album, continue with Step 6.

  6. Touch the Create Album button.

  7. Type a name for the album.

    As always, be short and descriptive.

  8. Touch the OK button to both create the new album and copy or move the photos.

    The album appears on the screen. The photos you chose in Step 4 have been copied (duplicated) or moved into that album.

The album you created joins the other albums shown in the Gallery app. You cannot directly delete that album, but you can edit it by starting at Step 3. If you choose to move all the images out of the album and back to the Camera album, for example, you empty the album’s contents and effectively delete the album.

  • Not every album in the Gallery shows up in the list presented in Step 5. For example, albums generated by other apps may not appear.

  • To share photos with other apps, use the Share icon.

  • After creating a new album, you can continue to copy or move photos into it. Repeat Steps 1 through 6, but choose an existing album from the list.

  • Copying the images from one album to another doesn’t waste any space. The images aren’t duplicated; only a shortcut reference to the image is placed in the new album.