How to Create a Web Page Widget on Your Galaxy Tablet - dummies

How to Create a Web Page Widget on Your Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

A few things on the Samsung Galaxy Tab are un-tablet-like. One example is the web page bookmark. That’s pretty much how computer users keep and manage their favorite websites. On a tablet, however, working with bookmarks is awkward and nonintuitive. A better approach is to create and use web page widgets.

A web page widget sits directly on the Home screen. Or you can pack a folder full of web page widgets and stick that on the Home screen. Tap a widget and the Internet (or Chrome) app opens and displays that website. Simple. Handy. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Open the Internet app.

    Or if you’re using Chrome as the tablet’s web browser, open it instead.

  2. Visit a web page, such as one you frequent all the time, every day.

    The page doesn’t even need to be a bookmarked website.

  3. Tap the Action Overflow icon and choose Add Shortcut to Home.

    That’s it.

Go to the Home screen and you’ll see a web page shortcut icon — a widget, actually — with the same name as the website. Tap that widget to open the web browser app and visit the site.