How to Configure the USB Connection on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S

By Dan Gookin

A computer recognizes the Galaxy Tab’s USB connection in one of two ways: MTP or PTP. Between the two, the MTP method is better for transferring files. To ensure that your Tab is configured for that type of connection, follow these directions:

  1. Connect the tablet to a computer.

  2. Choose the USB notification.

    The USB notification icon is easily recognizable.

  3. Ensure that Media Device (MTP) is selected.

    If not, choose that option.

Following these steps may fix the problem of a computer not recognizing the tablet.

  • The USB notification appears when the tablet is connected to a computer.

  • A Macintosh may recognize your Galaxy Tab only when it’s configured with the Media Device USB setting.

  • MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol. When this option is set, the computer sees the tablet’s storage as if it were a media card or a thumb drive.

  • PTP stands for Picture Transfer Protocol. When this option is chosen, the computer believes the tablet to be a digital camera and it treats storage as if it held film and videos. This setting is usually not necessary.