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How to Configure the E-Mail App on Galaxy Tab to Delete on Pick-up

By Dan Gookin

Non-Gmail e-mail you fetch on your Galaxy Tab typically leaves the original copy intact on the e-mail server. That’s because the Email app doesn’t delete messages after it picks them up. The advantage is that you can retrieve the same messages later using your computer. The disadvantage is that you end up retrieving mail you’ve already read and possibly replied to.

You can control whether the Email app removes messages after they’re picked up. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Email app, touch the Menu icon button.

  2. Choose Account Settings.


  3. If you’re looking at the Combined View, choose a specific account from the left side of the Window.

    Specifically, choose the account you use for your ISP. If not, ensure that you’re viewing the inbox for the ISP’s e-mail account and then start over with Step 1.

  4. Choose the command Incoming Settings.

  5. Touch the menu next to the item Delete Email From Server.

  6. Choose the option When I Delete From Inbox.

  7. Touch the Done button.

When you delete a message in the Email app on your Galaxy Tab, the message is also deleted from the mail server. It isn’t picked up again, not by the Tab, another mobile device, or any computer that fetches e-mail from that same account.

  • Mail you retrieve using your computer’s mail program is deleted from the mail server after it’s picked up. That’s normal behavior. Your Galaxy Tab cannot pick up mail from the server if your computer has already deleted it.

  • Deleting mail on the server isn’t a problem for Gmail. No matter how you access your Gmail, from your Tab or from a computer, the inbox lists the same messages.