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How to Change Visual Settings on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

There are two visual settings that get used more than the others on the Samsung Galaxy Tab: Screen Brightness and Screen Timeout. The Screen Timeout setting is the setting that the Galaxy Tab uses to put itself into Sleep mode.

Probably the key thing you want to adjust visually on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is screen brightness. This task is deftly handled by the Quick Settings panel:

  1. Touch the time in the lower-right corner of the screen to pop up the list of notifications.

  2. Touch the Quick Settings button.

  3. Adjust the Brightness slider right (brighter) or left (dimmer).


You can also touch the Auto button next to the slider to have the Tab automatically adjust its brightness based on ambient light.

Brightness can also be set using the Settings app: On the main Settings app screen, choose the Screen category and then choose Brightness.

Once you have worked with your Galaxy Tab for a while, you may find another item worthy of note: the Timeout setting. Choose this option to see the Timeout menu, from which you can set the inactivity duration, after which the Galaxy Tab touchscreen turns itself off.

The Tab is preconfigured to a value of 1 Minute. You can make it longer if you don’t want your Tab to go to sleep on you every time you get up to refill your coffee cup.