How to Buy or Rent Movies for Your Galaxy Tab - dummies

How to Buy or Rent Movies for Your Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

The Amazon Market not only lets you buy apps and books for your Galaxy Tab, but you can also use it to rent movies. Further, the cellular tab comes with an app that allows you to buy or rent films and television shows. It’s called the Media Hub. You can use both apps to boost the entertainment potential for your Tab.

Use either Market or Media Hub to browse or search for movies and TV shows to rent or buy. Purchasing a movie at the Market works just like purchasing an app, so if you’ve already set up your Galaxy Tab with a Google Checkout account, you’re ready to go.

With the Media Hub, you need to supply credit card or other information to make your first purchase. The app remembers that information for future purchases.

  • Movies rented at the Market are available for viewing up to 30 days after you pay the rental fee. After you start the movie, you can pause and watch it again and again during a 24-hour period.

  • To view movies rented at the Market, you need to get the Videos app. Don’t fret: You’re prompted to download and install the app if you don’t yet have a copy on your Galaxy Tab.

  • One of the best ways to view movies is to connect the Tab to an HDMI monitor or TV set. That way you get the Big Screen experience, and can share the movie with several friends without having you all crowd around the Galaxy Tab. To get HDMI output on the Tab, you need to purchase a special HDMI dongle or use the Multimedia Dock.