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How to Avoid Android Viruses on Your Galaxy Tab S

By Dan Gookin

Many Android tablet users ask about antivirus security software for the Galaxy Tab. The requests probably come from the PC world, where viruses are real and deadly and all-too-frequent. It’s understandable why you might have concerns, but fortunately, such isn’t the case on your Tab.

Although evil and malicious apps do exist, keep in mind that they don’t advertise themselves as such. The key to knowing whether an app is evil is to look at its description. For example, if a simple grocery-list app uses tablet’s mobile data signal and the app doesn’t need to access the Internet, it’s suspect.

In the history of the Android operating system, only a handful of malicious apps have been distributed, and most of them were found in Asia. Google routinely removes these apps from the Play Store, and a feature of the Android operating system even lets Google remove apps from your phone. So, you’re pretty safe.

Generally speaking, avoid “hacker” apps, porn, and those apps that use social engineering to make you do things on your Galaxy Tab that you wouldn’t otherwise do, such as remove your screen lock or volunteer personal information.