How to Adjust Galaxy Tab Video Settings - dummies

How to Adjust Galaxy Tab Video Settings

By Dan Gookin

The settings you use to shoot video on your Samsung Galaxy Tab create the overall quality of the video. Of particular importance are the resolution and light settings.

How to set Galaxy Tab video resolution

You might guess that setting the highest video quality would always be best. Not so! For example, video you shoot for YouTube need not be of top quality. Multimedia text messaging (known as MMS) video should be of very low quality or else the video doesn’t attach to the message. Also, high resolution video uses up a heck of a lot more storage space on the Galaxy Tab.


To set the video quality while using the Camcorder app, touch the Settings icon. Choose the Resolution command. There are two settings:

1080X720: The highest-quality setting is best suited for video you plan to show on a large-format TV or computer monitor. It’s useful for video editing or for showing important events, such as Bigfoot sightings.

640X480: This setting is good for Internet video or e-mail attachments, though it doesn’t enlarge well.

The front-facing camera has no video quality setting; the quality is fixed at 640X480, the same as the lowest setting for the main camera.

Check the video quality before you shoot! Especially if you know where the video will end up (on the Internet, on a TV, or in an MMS message), it helps to set the quality first.

How to add light to your Galaxy Tab video

You don’t need a flash when recording video, but occasionally you need a little more light. You can manually turn on the Galaxy Tab’s LED flash to help: On the left side of the Camera app screen, touch the Light button. Choose On to turn on the LED light, and choose Off to disable it.

The light comes on only when you start recording your video.

There is no light for shooting video with the front-facing camera.

Turning on the LED light consumes a hefty portion of battery power. Use it sparingly.