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How to Activate Wi-Fi on Your Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

The digital cellular connection is nice, and it’s available pretty much anywhere you want to take your Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it will cost you moolah. A better option, and one you should seek out when it’s available, is Wi-Fi, or the same wireless networking standard used by computers for communicating with each other and the Internet.

First, you must activate Wi-Fi, by turning on the Tab’s wireless radio.

Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. It’s also known by various famous numbers, including 802.11g and 802.11n.

Follow these carefully written directions to activate Wi-Fi networking on your Galaxy Tab:

  1. Touch the Apps Menu button.

  2. Open the Settings app.

  3. Choose Wireless & Networks.

  4. Touch the square by Wi-Fi to place a green check mark by that option.

The Tab’s Wi-Fi radio is activated. If you’ve already configured your Tab to connect to an available wireless network, it’s connected automatically. Otherwise, you have to connect to an available network.

To turn off Wi-Fi, repeat these steps. Turning off Wi-Fi disconnects the Tab from any wireless networks.

  • From the And-Now-He-Tells-Us Department, you can quickly get to the Wi-Fi Settings window from the Quick Settings screen.

  • If you place a check mark by the option Network Notification on the Wi-Fi Settings window, the Tab alerts you to the presence of available Wi-Fi networks whenever you’re in range and not connected to a network. This option is a good one to have set when you’re frequently on the road. That’s because:

  • Using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet doesn’t incur data usage charges.

  • The Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi radio places an extra drain on the battery, but it’s truly negligible. If you want to save a modicum of juice, especially if you’re out and about and don’t plan to be near a Wi-Fi access point for any length of time, turn off the Wi-Fi radio.