Getting Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK Out of the Box - dummies

Getting Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK Out of the Box

By Corey Sandler

To download books (or anything else) or to browse the web with a Tab 4 NOOK, you need access to a Wi-Fi system with an active connection to the Internet.

[Credit: Photo courtesy of Barnes & Noble, Inc.]
Credit: Photo courtesy of Barnes & Noble, Inc.

The small, unpretentious brown cardboard box is about the size of a thick paperback book (remember those?) There’s not all that much within: the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and some goodies beneath it:

  • A USB cable: This cable carries data to and from your tablet when you connect the tablet, via the USB cable, to a laptop or personal computer. The USB cable also lets you recharge the internal battery.

  • A battery charger: When you’re ready, plug it into an AC wall socket and attach the larger connector of the USB cable to it. Then plug the smaller connector to the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK.


  • Two business-card-sized booklets. One is called the Health & Safety and Warranty Guide and it advises you not drop the tablet on your toe, and how if you do Samsung isn’t going to pay for the repair. The other booklet, all 20 pages of it (with about six blanks) is called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK Quick Start Guide.

Keep the box, along with the warranty information and your receipt. If you need to return the tablet to the seller, send it in for service, or ship it to someone else, the original box is ready to serve and protect.

Sooner or later, you should remove the protective plastic sheet that sits atop the LCD screen. It works well to protect the device in transit, but it will interfere with your use of the touchscreen and collect dirt. Put it back in the box as a memento.