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Getting Kids Books on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

The Tab S2 NOOK offers some special features for young readers (and those of you who sit by their side as they discover the joys of reading). Some picture books have a bit of animation that you set into motion by tapping the screen; others read aloud parts of the book.

Certain picture books allow you to record your own voice, or that of your child, reading the text.
Certain picture books allow you to record your own voice, or that of your child, reading the text.

Kids’ books are special

Keep these picture-book tips in mind:

  • Enlarge a book by spreading with two fingers. This isn’t available on all books.

  • Tap the up arrow at the center bottom of the page to see thumbnails (small pictures) of each page in the book; scroll left or right through them and tap the page you want to visit. Or you can let a kid do it.

  • Children’s books open in landscape mode to better present the two-page spreads of most picture books.

  • If the speaker is tough to hear, use two sets of earphones plugged into a splitter. Splitters are available at most electronics stores and shacks.

Choosing a reading style

Some children’s books can narrate themselves. Others move. These special features appear only if the book includes them.

  • Read by Myself. Just the words and pictures. Tap the blue button to open the book. Some special activities may be marked with a white star; tap the star to play. Better yet, let a kid tap the star.

  • Read to Me or Read and Play. Read and Play books have audio tracks and interactive features marked with a white star. Tap the orange Read to Me button or the purple Read and Play buttons to hear the author or an actor read aloud.

    If you’re enjoying a Read and Play book, you can turn the pages only by tapping the onscreen arrows. The pages won’t turn if you tap them.

  • Read and Record. Daddy or Mommy (or a child!) can become the voice of a book. Here’s how:

    1. Tap the cover of a kid’s book that has the Read and Record feature.

    2. On the opening screen, tap the green Read and Record button.

    3. Tap the green Record button.

      It changes to a Stop button. But don’t stop.

    4. Start reading.

    5. When you’re done recording, tap the Stop button.

Keep these general read-and-record tips in mind:

  • The tiny hole on the right side of the Tab S2 NOOK, just below the Volume key, is the microphone. Don’t cover it with your hand while you’re recording.

  • Hold the tablet about 15 inches away from your mouth.

  • Try to record in a quiet place without background noise.

  • To hear your recording right away, press the Play button. Press the Pause button when you’re done listening.

  • If you’re a perfectionist (or if someone dropped a pile of plates while the microphone was on), press the Re-record button and do it again.

  • To keep recording, swipe or tap to the next page and then tap the Record button.

  • To stop recording, tap the Done button in the lower left. A screen asks you to choose a picture as a symbol. Type a name for the recording.

  • To play a recording, open the book and tap the picture icon for the file you created.

  • To re-record, change the name (or delete the audio file, tap the Edit button next to the picture icon, and then choose the option you want).