Getting Good Pictures from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK - dummies

Getting Good Pictures from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

You can take good pictures with your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK camera, even without flash. Improving the lighting and holding your tablet steady are two important tips.

  • The sun is your friend. You’ll get better results when you have strong lighting. Early morning and late-afternoon sun creates dramatic shadows. Don’t shoot directly into the sun. Don’t be shy about asking people to move so that the light is better.

  • Light up a room. Don’t pose someone in front of a window. If you’re taking a photo indoors, try to make sure any sunlight coming in through the window faces your subject. Turn on electrical lights, and move lamps to improve lighting, especially on faces.

  • Brace yourself. Taking a photo while holding a tablet at arm’s length is not a good way to take a steady picture. Try to bring the tablet as close to you as possible and bring your elbows in tight to your body. Sit down or lean against a wall — anything you can to make yourself into a human tripod.

  • Aw, shoot. Take lots and lots of pictures and then delete the ones no one should ever see. Always use the highest resolution available on your tablet. When you edit the pictures, try to reduce the size of your image rather than enlarge it.