Galaxy Tab: How to Use the Share Menu - dummies

Galaxy Tab: How to Use the Share Menu

By Dan Gookin

Occasionally, you stumble across the Share command when working with photos and videos in the Galaxy Tab Gallery app. This command is used to distribute images and videos from your Galaxy Tab to your pals in the digital realms.

The menu that appears when you touch the Share icon button contains various options for sharing media. The number and variety of items that appear depend on the apps installed on your Tab, which Internet services you belong to (Facebook and Twitter, for example), and which type of media is being shared.

Here’s a quick summary of the various items you may find on the Share or Share Via menu, as well as how they work:

Bluetooth: You can use the Bluetooth networking standard to send images to a Bluetooth printer or to upload the images to a Bluetooth-enabled computer.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter: Sharing pictures on a social networking site is simple: Choose the image and then choose the social networking site from the Share menu. Fill in the information on the next screen, and soon the image is shared with all your friends and followers.

Email and Gmail: Choosing Email or Gmail for sharing sends the media file from your Galaxy Tab as a message attachment. Fill in the To, Subject, and Message text boxes as necessary. Touch the Send button to send the media.

Picasa: The Picasa photo-sharing site is one of those free services you get with your Google account.

YouTube: The YouTube sharing option appears whenever you choose to share a video from the Gallery app.