Galaxy Tab: How to Get a Skype Account - dummies

Galaxy Tab: How to Get a Skype Account

By Dan Gookin

Perhaps the most versatile app for converting the phoneless Galaxy Tab into a phone is Skype. It’s one of the most popular Internet communications programs, allowing you to text, voice, or video chat with others on the Internet as well as use the Internet to make real, honest-to-goodness phone calls.

Get started with Skype by creating an account. It is easiest to start by visiting Skype on a computer, where you can enjoy the full screen and keyboard, though you can use the Browser on the Galaxy Tab if you’ve completely shunned computers.

At the Skype website, click the Join Skype button. Sign up according to the directions offered on the website.

After you have a Skype account, the next step is to obtain a copy of the Skype app for your Galaxy Tab.

  • As with other web services, you create a Skype name to identify your user account. It’s the name you use to identify yourself to others who use Skype.

  • If you want to use Skype to place phone calls, you need to stuff some cash into your account. Log in to the Skype website and follow the directions for getting Skype Credit.

  • There’s no charge for using Skype to chat with other Skype users. As long as you know the other party’s Skype name, connecting and chatting is simple.