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Galaxy Tab: How to Find Friends on Latitude

By Dan Gookin

A feature in the Samsung Galaxy Tab Maps app is Latitude. It’s a layer you can apply to a map, but it’s also the name of its own app, Latitude.

Latitude is a social networking service that lets you share your physical location with your friends, also assumed to be using Latitude. Being able to more easily know where your friends are makes it possible to meet up with them — or to avoid them. It’s all up to you.

To join Latitude, you touch the Menu icon button when viewing a map and then choose the Join Latitude command. Or, you can just start the Latitude app.

After opening Latitude, read the information and then touch the Allow & Share button to continue. If you don’t see the Join Latitude command, you’ve already joined; start Latitude by choosing the Latitude command.

To make Latitude work, you need to add friends to Latitude, and those friends need to use Latitude. After adding Latitude friends, you can share your location with them as well as view their locations on a map. You can also chat with Google Talk, send them e-mail, get directions to their location, and do other interesting things.

To exit Latitude, touch the Menu icon button when Latitude is active and choose Settings. Choose the Sign Out of Latitude command from the Settings pop-up window.