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Favorite Contacts on Your Tab 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

You don’t have to admit it, but you can apply a favorite designation to as many of your contacts in your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK as you want.

How does a Favorite differ from assigning a contact to a group? Favorites can extend across multiple groups, and can be made up of only some of the members of a group, or include people who aren’t in a group of any kind.

But when it comes time to send out a “Party time!” email, or any other sort of major announcement to a select group, you can blast it out to your chosen favorites.


Marking a contact as a favorite

Shush. It’s a secret, okay? It’s so easy you don’t even need to edit the listing. Here’s how you give a contact a golden star as a favorite:

  1. Tap Contacts.

  2. Tap the contact you want to honor with the favorite distinction.

  3. Tap the grayed-out star and turn it gold with pride.

Viewing contacts marked as favorites

To see your secret list of favorites, do this:

  1. Tap Contacts.

  2. Tap the Favorites tab.

    You’ll see only those contacts with the golden star.

Removing a favorite from a contact

Sometimes things just don’t work out. Were you politically incorrect? Maybe it was the shoes. Here’s how to take away a single gold star or a whole phalanx of them:

  1. Tap Contacts and then tap Favorites.

  2. Tap Menu, then choose Remove from Favorites.

  3. Tap an individual contact or tap Select All.

  4. Tap Done to complete the process.