Dictation on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK - dummies

Dictation on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

A microphone icon appears only in apps that accept voice input. And the feature works best when your Galaxy Tab 4 has a Wi-Fi connection. Only certain apps allow basic dictation without a Wi-Fi connection.

How to dictate to your Tab 4 NOOK

Here’s how to dictate a sentence into a memo, an email, or most other apps that are set up to use the keyboard:

  1. Display the regular keyboard.

  2. Press and hold the Settings (gear) icon on the keyboard (left of the spacebar).

  3. Tap the microphone icon.

    A larger red microphone appears, in anticipation of your words.

  4. Speak now.

    Talk toward the microphone, which is the tiny hole just above the Power/Lock key on the side of the tablet.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re talking to your Tab:

  • Be brief. If you pause for a few seconds, the tablet will assume you’ve finished your sentence. If you speak too quickly or say too many words, the tablet may stop listening.


  • Say your punctuation. Pause briefly after a word before you say comma (or exclamation mark or question mark or semicolon or . . . ).

  • Touch in the upper panel to edit words. Press the Settings icon again if you want to open the keyboard for final touches.

  • If you want to use another language for dictation, your Tab 4 NOOK is happy to give it a try. Tap the Settings icon and then tap Select Input Languages to add a new language.

To censor or not

Watch your mouth! Google Voice has a setting that allows you to block offensive words. Or you can turn off the block command and curse to your heart’s content. By the way, Apple and Amazon aren’t considered offensive words, even on a device made by Samsung and sold by Barnes & Noble.

To turn the censor on or off here’s what to do:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the notification panel.

  2. Tap the Settings (gear) icon.

  3. If not already selected, choose the Controls tab at the top.

  4. Tap the Language and Input section on the left side.

  5. Make sure there is a check mark beside Google Voice Typing.

  6. Tap the Settings (gear) icon beside that item.

  7. In the Block Offensive Words section, add or remove the check mark for that item.

    Back out of the settings screen by pressing the Home key or the Back key.