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10 Steps to Maintaining the Galaxy Tablet 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

You are now a guardian of the Galaxy. This exalted role, straight out of the pages of superhero comics, comes with some awesome and heavy responsibilities.

Treat the battery with respect

Here is how to get the most life from your tablet’s battery:

  • Allow it to fully charge when you can, and then unplug it.

  • Don’t leave it attached to the charger constantly.

  • Don’t let the battery reach empty. It could damage it.

If your battery can’t hold a charge when turned off for the night, or seems to use up its power much quicker than usual, during that first year contact Barnes & Noble or bring the device into one of the stores and insist on a repair. Don’t wait for the 365th day, either; they might start counting down from the day it was shipped rather than the day you received the tablet.

And if the battery starts to fail after one year, get a price for installation of a replacement and then consider whether it makes sense to pay the fee. Sad to say, many high-tech devices are not worth repairing.

It’s normal for the tablet and battery to be warm during use and recharging. If it starts getting hot, turn it off and unplug it from the AC adapter. Then contact Barnes & Noble and politely insist they deal with a potential fire hazard.

Protect the charger, too

Here are some suggestions about how to treat the charger properly:

  • If possible, don’t plug it directly into a wall socket. Instead, attach it to a power strip that has a surge protector.

  • If a charger starts to go beyond warm to very hot, unplug it and consult with Barnes & Noble.

  • Buy a second charger. Make sure it’s a Samsung brand charger, and that it matches exactly the specifications of the original: 5 volts DC at 1 amp output. Put the second charger in your travel kit or your car, whichever makes sense.

    The tablet charger is the same as is used on many (but not all) Samsung tablets and smartphones. Check the specifications to see if you can repurpose one you already have.

Don’t let the Galaxy fall to Earth

Here are a couple of ways you can reduce the chances:

  • Buy a protective case or tablet stand (or both). The case will protect against most sharp objects. A tablet stand will hold the device at an angle that makes it easier to see while seated.

  • While the AC adapter is connected to the tablet, be aware of where the cable runs. Don’t accidentally pull your tablet to the floor.

  • Take care when moving your tablet from place to place.

Safeguard the connector

Laptop and tablet repair companies report that broken connectors are the most common issue they have to deal with. When the tablet has a plug stuck into the port at the bottom (where the AC adapter attaches), it’s quite vulnerable to damage. Also try to keep the headphone jack at the top clean; don’t let dirt or sand or melted chocolate enter there.

Don’t bring your own beverage

Aside from dropping your tablet from a great height or allowing a school bus to run over it, the other major threat to a piece of electronics is a spill: water, soda, coffee, Chardonnay, or anything else.

Keep a clean screen

Here’s how to keep a clean screen:

  • Wash your hands from time to time. Then dry them.

  • Clean the screen with a dry soft cloth. A clean piece of cotton fabric works well.

  • Use a dry cloth. Never, ever use any chemicals to clean the screen — especially alcohol, ammonia, or solvents.

  • If keeping the screen clean becomes a serious problem, consider buying a screen protector.

Don’t point at the display

The sharpest thing to touch your screen should be your finger.

  • Don’t try to scratch a command.

  • Don’t use a pen or other sharp implement on your tablet.

  • Don’t use a stylus. Samsung offers a smartphone series called the Galaxy Note, which uses a special stylus for writing. Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK isn’t the same device.

Watch for the misplaced key

The Power/Lock key’s placement is one of the relatively few design mistakes for the hardware. The key is much too easy to press. It’s too easy to accidentally lock the screen and even turn off the tablet.

There’s no solution other than to teach yourself key awareness (and hope that Samsung engineers will do a bit of ergonomic testing before the next model is released).

Clean up the memory

Removing unnecessary apps can give you space. Are there apps that you’ve decided are no use to you? Do you avoid any apps because they cause problems?

Here’s how to remove downloaded apps:

  1. Pull down the notification panel from the top of the screen.

  2. Tap the Settings (gear) icon and choose the General tab.

  3. Tap the Application manager in the left panel.

  4. Slide the scrolling categories to select Downloaded.

  5. Tap the app name.

  6. Tap Uninstall to delete the app.

Removing downloads, photos, videos, and text files you no longer need can help free up space, too:

  • Attach the USB cable to the tablet and then to a desktop or laptop PC. Look on your Tab 4 NOOK from the larger computer’s File Explorer or Finder. Consider creating a temporary or permanent storage folder on your computer to hold files that you take off the tablet; you could reinstall them if needed.

  • Open apps that create or manage files and delete files you don’t need.

  • Use a file manager app on your tablet to delete unneeded documents, or move them from device memory to the microSDHC card.

Back up your data

Three important pieces of advice: back up, back up, and back up. You don’t want to lose your photos, videos, text files, and other documents.

Here’s how:

  • Use one of the cloud backup services to upload copies of your files. Keep them in sync so that changes you make are reflected in the stored version. The Tab 4 NOOK comes with a Dropbox account and a Google Drive account; you can also add a OneDrive account from the Play Store. In their basic form, they’re all free; there’s no reason not to use one or all.

  • Connect your tablet to a desktop or laptop PC using the USB cable from time to time and copy important tablet files to your computer.

Your Google account automatically backs up Gmail and other googly material to that company’s servers. What about books, videos, and music? In most cases, you can reinstall what you bought on a new device if you use the same account information. Consult the shops and keep on the lookout for any changes to terms and conditions.