10 Free Galaxy Tab Apps - dummies

By Dan Gookin

Nothing stirs up controversy like choosing only ten free apps out of the million-plus apps available for the Galaxy Tab at the Google Play Store. Thanks to the suggestions here, you don’t have to wait to get started with apps on your Galaxy Tab.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is perhaps the premiere break-out tablet game, the one just about everyone knows. If you haven’t yet heard of this app, get it at once! Angry Birds is easy to play, clever, and full of humor. Several renditions of the game exist, although the basic Angry Birds app is an excellent way to start.

Doodle Jump

Another oldie, Doodle Jump even predates Angry Birds. Like all good addicting games, Doodle Jump is easy to figure out and challenging at the same time. It also features a few variations, but they’re all contained in one app. This app makes excellent use of the tablet’s accelerometer, which keeps you moving while you play the game and, therefore, a source of entertainment for those who are watching you play.

Fast Notepad

All tablets need a plain, text-only, note-taking app. Fast Notepad is one of the most simple, easy-to-use apps for that purpose. It lets you jot down quick thoughts without a lot of cumbersome features and options obscuring that basic task. It’s simple and elegant.


Yes, the Galaxy Tab comes with the Google Play Books app, but sometimes that’s not enough. Consider getting the Kindle app as well. You don’t need to use it exclusively; it’s just good to have options.

Obtain the Kindle app from the Play Store. Sign in by using your Amazon account. If you already have Kindle books, they’ll appear in the library. If not, go out and buy some books. The Kindle store often contains books not available on Google Play.

Movies by Flixster

The Movies by Flixster app is your Galaxy Tab’s gateway to Hollywood. It lists currently running films and films that are opening, and it has links to your local theaters with show times and other information. The app is also tied into the popular Rotten Tomatoes website for reviews and feedback. If you enjoy going to the movies, you’ll find the Movies app a valuable addition to your tablet’s app library.

Sky Map

Ever look up into the night sky and say, “What the heck is that?” Unless it’s a bird, an airplane, a satellite, or a UFO, the Sky Map can help you discover mysterious objects aloft. It may turn out that a particularly bright star in the sky is, in fact, the planet Jupiter.

The Sky Map app is elegant. It turns the Galaxy Tab into a window you can look through to identify things in the night sky. Just start the app and hold your phone up to the sky. Pan the phone to identify planets, stars, and constellations.


Translate is a Google app. Not only does it assist with other apps in translating foreign tongues into English, you can use the app directly to help you pass third-period French.

Although the translation is okay, it’s not perfect. Still, it’s fun to play with and brush up on anything from Chinese to Russian.

Voice Recorder

Where is the Galaxy Tab’s voice recorder? Don’t bother looking. If you need to record your blurts, your conversations, or that new song you composed on the ukulele, get the Voice Recorder app. It has an elegant and simple interface: Touch the big Record button to start recording. Make a note for yourself or record a friend doing his Daffy Duck impression.

Previous recordings are stored in a list on the Voice Recorder’s main screen. Each recording is shown with its title, the date and time of the recording, and the recording duration. Several voice recording apps can be found at the Google Play Store.


One of the most classic computer games is the flight simulator. Of the variety available at the Google Play Store, X-Plane is one of the easiest to learn as well as the most diverse. The controls are fairly easy to figure out, which means you’ll be landing in no time. (It’s always easy to take off using a flight simulator; landing is the issue.) You can make landing more difficult by adding turbulence, cross winds, and even damaging your ride. You can also add upgrades — if you’re willing to pay for them.


The Zedge program is a helpful resource for finding wallpapers and ringtones — millions of them. It’s a sharing app, so you can access wallpapers and ringtones created by other Android users as well as share your own. If you’re looking for a specific sound or something special for Home screen wallpaper, Zedge is the best place to start your search.