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10 Free Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

Your Galaxy tablet has three app stores: the NOOK Shop, the Google Play Store, and Galaxy Apps. You can find all the apps listed here on those sites. All the apps are free and worth downloading.

  • Pandora. Find a song or singer you like. The app finds music that is like that music. You can make different Pandora stations and play just songs from one station, shuffle through all of them, or play random songs.

  • Shazam. You like that song you’re hearing but don’t know who sings it? Turn on Shazam, aim your Tab S2 NOOK toward the speakers (or TV or background music, or fuzzy noise in an elevator) and give it a few seconds. You’re likely to get the name of the song, the artist, and the album.

  • Skype. Make and get phone calls almost where that has a good Wi-Fi signal and has a high-speed Internet connection. Talk to people overseas for cheap — or free! Wear earbuds or headphones for better quality and a little privacy.

  • Outlook.com. Visit Outlook and connect by Wi-Fi to be able to edit in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files (which you can get as attachments). You can open a file save it to your OneDrive cloud.

  • OneDrive. Save your desktop or laptop files on the cloud, and you can get to those files from your tablet. When you put a file is in the cloud, you can access them from an app or through a web browser. You can let other people see or download the files, too.

  • Speedtest.net. How fast is your Internet connection? Fire up Speedtest. If your house or office suffers from dead spots, run the app to find a spot with stronger Wi-Fi signals. Shorter time is better than longer time.

  • Adobe Reader. If you work with PDFs, Reader lets you edit or make notes in those files. Get the app from the Play Store and make sure the system automatically updates whenever new versions come out. Use the Android system to share and print a document (if you set up a printer using Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth).

  • MLB At Bat. A feature called Gameday pitches live baseball coverage. It’s almost like you’re there: You’ll see the field, a “pitch,” and play descriptions. If someone makes a grab at a Gold Glove, you’ll see video. Baseball is obsessed with stats; they’re updated pitch by pitch.

  • SeatGuru. Choose the least-worst seat on a plane. Type the airline, the flight number, and when you’re traveling to see a map of the plane. You get comments about every seat, no less. Avoid this one: “Seat 13A may have extra room due to proximity to the emergency exit, but the lavatories can be a nuisance.” Check your flight status and book tickets here, too.

  • Google Translate. You get to choose from 50 or so languages with this translator. Type a phrase, use Google Voice, or swipe your words. You get a written translation for most languages, and some also have a spoken version. Download languages to your tablet for when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.