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How to Add Review Questions to Your iBooks Author Text

By Galen Gruman

As any student knows, textbooks typically have chapter review questions to test what the student has learned from that chapter. iBooks Author lets you add such chapter reviews to your e-books, with the twist that the student sees her score immediately.

You’re not limited to just simple multiple-choice questions, either. You can present the multiple-choice questions in any of several sophisticated ways, which you determine independently for each question. For example, you can show a grid of images and have readers choose the correct one, or show an image and have readers move its labels to the correct positions on the image.

Three options for how review objects can present their questions: a list with image (top-left), an
Three options for how review objects can present their questions: a list with image (top-left), an image grid (top-right), and a label-targeting exercise (bottom).

Although it’s intended for chapter reviews, the review object is just as handy for adding quizzes of all sorts into an e-book. To add a review object, choose Review in the Widgets icon menu in the toolbar or choose Insert→Widget→Review.

No matter what kind of questions you want to create for your review object, the basic process is the same. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the review object to which you want to add questions.

  2. In the Widget inspector’s Interaction pane, select a question whose contents and answers you want to change.

  3. From the pop-up menu to the right of the selected question, choose the number of answers you’re providing for that question.


    You can provide between two and six possible answers for any type of question.

    The names of the questions in the Questions list match the question text you’ve entered in the review object.

  4. (Optional) Click the + (plus sign) icon menu below the Questions list if you want to add a question, and then choose the question type that you want to add from the visual menu that appears.


    You can also choose Format→Review→Add Question.

    Here’s how the six kinds of questions work:

    • Textual multiple choices: The first three options, all labeled Multiple Choice, add questions that have a list of textual answers for the e-book’s reader to choose from. The first option displays only text, whereas the other two options also add a graphics container into which you can drag or paste an image.

    • Graphical multiple choice: The fourth option, also labeled Multiple Choice, lets you create questions whose possible answers are all images — they can’t have any text.

    • Identification labels: The final two options provide label targets on an image for the e-book reader to drag to the correct target on the image. (Add the image by dragging it from the Finder or by pasting it.) If you choose the Drag Label to Target option, iBooks Author places a circular target for each of the number of answers assigned to this question. Drag the targets over whatever part of the image they refer to, and double-click their labels’ placeholder text to add the label. At the bottom of the object, separate labels appear with matching text; in an e-book, a reader sees just the targets on the image and the labels below, and then has to drag each label to the correct spot.

      The Drag Thumbnail to Target option works the same way, but instead of providing text labels that e-book readers have to drag to the proper targets, it provides small squares that contain images that the reader is supposed to drag to the correct target. (Add the images by dragging them from the Finder or by pasting them into the appropriate container.)

  5. Double-click a question’s text in the review object to make that text editable.

  6. Type or paste in the desired text.