How to Add iBook Bookmarks on the iPad - dummies

How to Add iBook Bookmarks on the iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Occasionally, you want to bookmark a specific page of your e-book or iBook on your iPad so that you can easily return. Moving around to a particular location in an e-book or an iBook on the iPad is almost as simple as moving around a real book, and Apple kindly returns you to the last page you were reading when you close a book.

To insert a bookmark somewhere, merely tap the Bookmark icon near the upper-right reaches of the screen. A red ribbon slides down over the top of the Bookmark icon signifying that a bookmark is in place. Tap the ribbon if you want to remove the bookmark. Simple as that.

After you set a bookmark, here’s how to find it later:

  1. Tap the Table of Contents/Bookmark button.

  2. Tap Bookmarks (if it’s not already selected).

    Your bookmark is listed along with the chapter and page citations, the date you bookmarked the page, and a phrase or two of surrounding text, as the example in the figure shows.

  3. Tap your desired bookmark to return to that page in the book.


You can also remove a bookmark from the Bookmarks list by swiping your finger in either direction along a bookmark and then tapping the red Delete button that appears.