How to Add Calendar Entries on an iPad mini - dummies

How to Add Calendar Entries on an iPad mini

You can easily sync your iPad mini, including syncing calendar entries, from your Windows machine (using the likes of Microsoft Outlook) or Mac (using Calendar, Microsoft Entourage, or Outlook). You can also add calendar entries from iCloud.

In addition, any calendar entries in Facebook can automatically show up in the Calendar app. You will have to visit Settings, enter your username and password, and then make sure the Calendar app in the Facebook setting is turned on.

In plenty of situations, you enter appointments on the fly. Adding appointments directly to the iPad is easy:

  1. Tap the Calendar icon at the top of the screen, and launch the year, month, or day view.

  2. Tap the + button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    Tapping it displays the Add Event screen.


  3. Tap the Title and Location field in turn and finger-type as much or as little information as you feel is necessary.

    Tapping displays the virtual keyboard (if it’s not already shown).

    Feel free to use Siri to add a calendar entry.

  4. To add a start time or end time (or both):

    1. Tap the Starts or Ends field.

      A carousel wheel appears below the field you tapped.


    2. Choose the time the event starts.

      Use your finger to roll separate carousel controls for the date, hour, and minute (in 1-minute intervals) and to specify AM or PM. The process is a little like manipulating a combination bicycle lock or an old-fashioned date stamp used with an inkpad.

    3. Repeat the two preceding steps for the end time, if needed.

      To enter an all-day milestone (such as a birthday), tap the All-Day switch to turn it on. (Green will be showing.) Because the time is no longer relevant for an all-day entry, you won’t see Starts, Ends, or Time Zone options.

  5. Tap Done when you’re finished.

Because your iPad mini comes equipped with Siri, there isn’t any easier way to add an entry. You can instruct Siri along the lines of “Set a lunch appointment for tomorrow at noon with the Smiths.” Siri is pleased to comply.

That’s the minimum you have to do to set up an event. But you probably want to do more. The Calendar app makes it easy:

  • Change the time zone. If the correct location isn’t already present, tap the Time Zone field and type the name of the city where the appointment is taking place.

  • Set up a recurring entry. Tap the Repeat field. Tap to indicate how often the event in question recurs. This setting is good for everything from a weekly appointment, such as an allergy shot, to a yearly event, such as an anniversary.

    The options are Every Day, Every Week, Every 2 Weeks, Every Month, and Every Year. Tap Never if you are planning to never repeat this entry again.

  • Invite people to join you. Tap Invitees to specify who among your Contacts will be attending the event.

  • Set a reminder or alert for the entry. Tap Alert and tap a time.

    Alerts can be set to arrive at the actual time of an event, or 1 week before, 2 days before, 1 day before, 2 hours before, 1 hour before, 30 minutes before, 15 minutes before, or 5 minutes before the event. If it’s an all-day entry, you can request alerts 1 day before (at 9 AM), 2 days before (at 9AM), or 1 week before.

    When the appointment time rolls around, you hear a sound and see a message.


    If you’re the kind of person who needs an extra nudge, set another reminder by tapping the Second Alert field (which you’ll see only if a first alert is already set).

  • Assign the entry to a particular calendar. Tap Calendar, and then tap the calendar you have in mind (Home or Work, for example).

  • Indicate whether you’re busy or free, tap Show As. If you’re invited to an event, you can tap Availability and then tap Free (if it’s shown on your iPad).

  • Enter a web address. Tap the URL field (at the bottom of the Add Event screen) and type the web address.

  • Enter notes about the appointment or event. Tap the Notes field (bottom of the screen) and type your note.

Tap Done after you finish entering everything.