How to Add and Delete Bookmarks in the Maps App for iPad - dummies

How to Add and Delete Bookmarks in the Maps App for iPad

Bookmarks are a tried and true way to save a destination in iPad’s Maps app so that you can display a map or directions to that spot quickly. You’ve probably used a bookmark feature in a Web browser that works similarly. With Maps, you can save bookmarks and access those locations from a drop-down list.

Adding a bookmark

Here’s how to add a bookmark in Maps:

  1. With Maps open, tap in the Search field.


  2. Type either a street address or a destination, such as Empire State Building or Detroit Airport and tap Search

    Maps may make suggestions as you type if it finds any logical matches. When you tap the Search button, the location appears with a red pin inserted in it and a label with the location, an Information icon, and in some cases, a Street view icon. If several locations match your search term, you may see several pins on the map.


  3. Tap the Information icon to display the information dialog.

  4. Tap the Add to Bookmarks button.


  5. Tap Save.

  6. To view your bookmarks, tap the Bookmarks icon (it looks like a little open book) at the top of the Maps screen.


  7. Tap on a bookmark to go to the location.

You can also check out recently viewed locations even if you haven’t bookmarked them. Tap the Bookmark icon, and then tap Recent at the bottom of the Bookmarks dialog. Locations you’ve visited recently are listed there. Tap on one to return to it.

Deleting a bookmark

There comes a time when a place you wanted to go gets crossed off your list. At that point, you might want to delete a bookmark, which you can easily do by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Bookmarks icon and then tap the Bookmarks tab at the bottom of the dialog that appears to be sure you’re viewing Bookmarks.

  2. Tap the Edit button.


  3. Tap a red minus icon.

  4. Tap Delete.

    The bookmark is removed.

You can also clear out all recent locations stored by Maps to give yourself a clean slate. Tap the Bookmarks icon and then tap the Recents tab. Tap Clear, and then confirm by tapping Clear All Recents.