How to Add a Hyperlinked Cross-Reference in iBooks Author - dummies

How to Add a Hyperlinked Cross-Reference in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

You may want to create a cross-reference to text or figures in your e-book. In iBooks Author, cross-references take the form of hyperlinks that make a text selection into a tappable item that can then open a web page in the iPad’s Safari browser, begin an e-mail message in its Mail app, or jump to another part of the current e-book.

You can add bookmarks to specific text locations, providing a destination for a cross-reference hyperlink. When you create an object that has a title, such a bookmark is automatically created.

To add a bookmark, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the text cursor in a text box or shape on any document page, except a chapter or section opener or a figure caption.

    Alternatively, select a word or phrase in a text box or shape.

    Select a word or phrase so that you can more easily find the bookmark location later; the bookmarked text has a blue frame placed around it. (This frame doesn’t appear to the reader in the e-book on the iPad.)

  2. Choose Insert→Bookmark.

    The Hyperlink inspector’s Bookmark pane appears, listing the bookmark and its page number. If you selected a word or phrase when creating the bookmark, that text appears as the bookmark’s name; otherwise, the word Bookmark is used.

  3. Double-click the bookmark’s name to make it editable, and then enter the name you want to use.

To create a cross-reference to a bookmark you created, follow these steps:

  1. Go to a location in the book that you want e-book readers to be able to tap to get to that bookmarked location.

  2. Select the text that the reader should tap.

  3. Choose Insert→Hyperlink→Bookmark.

    The Hyperlink inspector’s Hyperlink pane opens.

  4. Choose the destination bookmark from the Name pop-up menu.

After you add the hyperlink, the origin text (what the reader taps to jump to the destination bookmark) is highlighted with a blue rectangle (which isn’t visible in the e-book on the iPad) and styled as blue underlined text (which is retained in the iPad’s e-book so that readers know the text is a hyperlink).