How Adjust Image Zoom Settings in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

iBooks Author lets you set the zoom level and focus for the overall image in the default view. You can also set the zoom level and focus of the image in each image view to change the image focus so that whatever the callout is describing is the center of the reader’s attention. Often, you need to enlarge the image to show the specific portion of it that the callout describes.

When you add an image to an interactive image object, or later select the image itself inside the object, the Set View panel appears. In this panel, you can

  • Adjust its slider to zoom in or out of the image.

  • Drag the image within its frame to crop it so that the desired portion appears for what the callout is describing; that crop is called the focus.

  • Be sure that the panel indicates Default View at the top of the panel, and then click Set View to save the image’s zoom level and crop to what you just specified. This is how the image will appear when the reader opens the e-book and comes to this object.

If something other than your default view is selected, click Default View in the Interaction pane’s Views list.

The process for setting the image view’s zoom level and focus is identical to setting these attributes for the default view, but you need to follow several additional steps for the image view that involve the position of the callouts and their callout lines:

  1. Go to the desired image view by clicking its callout.

  2. In the View panel that appears, adjust the zoom level and focus of the image for the current callout so that the reader sees what’s relevant to that callout.

    You can make the following adjustments:

    • Adjust the slider to zoom in or out of the image.

    • Drag the image within its frame so the portion of the image that the callout describes appears.

  3. Be sure that the top of the panel indicates Default View, and then click Set View.


    This step saves the image’s zoom level and crops to what you specified in Step 2. The image will appear at this view when the reader taps its callout.

  4. To identify the center of the image view, drag the circle at the end of the callout line to where you want the image view’s center to be.

  5. Select the callout by clicking its edge, then drag it to the desired position so that it’s visible.

    You may need to zoom out to get to it, then zoom back in and set the image view again.

    If you can’t see the callout in the image view, the e-book’s reader won’t see it there, either — just in the main view.