Genius Playlists on the iPad - dummies

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Genius selects songs from your iPad music library that go great together. To use it, tap the Genius button, and your iPad generates a Genius playlist of 25 songs that it picked because it thinks they go well with the song that’s playing.

If you tap the Genius button on the main screen (see the figure) and no song is currently playing, an alphabetical list of songs appears, and you need to select a song before the Genius playlist can be generated.


When you create a Genius playlist, you find an item called Genius in your library list; tap it and you see the 25 songs that Genius selected. You see three buttons in the upper-right corner of the list:

  • New: Select a different song to use as the basis for a Genius playlist.

  • Refresh: See a list of 25 songs that “go great with” the song you’re listening to (or the song you selected).

  • Save: Save this Genius playlist so that you can listen to it whenever you like.

When you save a Genius playlist, it inherits the name of the song it’s based upon and appears in your library with a Genius icon that looks like the Genius button. And the next time you sync your iPad, the Genius playlist magically appears in iTunes.

The less popular the song, artist, or genre, the more likely Genius will choke on it. When that happens, you see an alert that asks you to try again because this song doesn’t have enough related songs to create a Genius playlist.

If you like the Genius feature, you can also create a new Genius playlist in iTunes and then sync it with your iPad.