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Games to Try on Your iPad

Your iPad is perfect for gaming. So, of course, all sorts of games and gaming accessories are available for your iPad. Some games are ported over from iPhone and some are custom-made for iPad. You can choose from arcade games, kids games, card and board games, and adventure games.

Here are six great games to try that won’t break the bank:

  • SCRABBLE for iPad ($9.99): SCRABBLE is now available on iPad and it’s hot. Shake your iPad to shuffle tiles. Use the drag-and-drop motion to play your letters. Reach out to your Facebook friends to take the game to the multiplayer level.

  • Broken Sword: Director’s Cut HD ($6.99): This classic adventure game lets you become the main character to experience all the game has to offer. Great art and animation distinguish this game, and the iPad version has a handy hint system you’ll appreciate.


  • Civilization Revolution for iPad ($12.99): If you like a world-building type of game, Civilization Revolution is right up your alley. It’s been fine-tuned for iPad to be even better than the iPhone version.

  • Flight Control HD ($4.99): Ever wanted to be an airline pilot? This game gives you a taste of the experience. Create flight paths that ensure your plane lands safely. This game has lots of multiplayer options, including the option of using a split screen to keep both players in the action.

  • Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge for iPad ($9.99): In its iPad incarnation, Monkey Island has great graphics and sound and an engaging story at its heart.


  • Angry Birds HD ($4.99): This game has become a cult. Use little birds to attack pigs and smash them in a variety of intriguing and oddly satisfying ways.

  • tChess Pro ($7.99): This game is another app designed for iPhone that works just great on iPad. You can play against the computer or another player, and you can modify the appearance of the chess pieces. It even sports features that help chess beginners learn the game painlessly, but more advanced players will enjoy it as well.


Games take up a lot of memory, so choose the games you buy wisely. If you no longer want to play a game, delete it from your iPad to save space.