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Game Center on Your iPad

Game Center is the odd duck of the social media apps on your iPad. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Game Center has no website; you have to use the Game Center app that came with your iPad.

And unlike the others, which are broad-based and aimed at anyone and everyone, Game Center is designed for a specific segment of the iPad (and iPhone and iPod touch) universe — namely, users who have one or more games on their iPads (or other devices).

Mac users can get in on the fun, too, as long as they’re using Mountain Lion or Mavericks, which include a Game Center app very similar to the one on your iPad.

Game Center acts as a match-up service, letting you challenge your friends or use its Auto-Match Invite Friend button to challenge a stranger who also happens to be looking for someone to play against.

Game Center supports thousands upon thousands of games these days, some of which are shown here.


The games include many top sellers, such as Angry Birds, Real Racing 2 HD, Fairway Solitaire, and the stunning Infinity Blade III.