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For Seniors: Sort or Preview iTunes Selections on iPad

iTunes on iPad lets you shop for music, movies, audiobooks, and more. Before making a purchase at the iTunes Store, you might want to preview your selections, or at least sort them for an easier review before you make up your mind to spend cold, hard cash.

Sort iTunes items

You can sort the items currently displayed by various criteria such as bestsellers, name, or release date.

  1. Tap the Sort By field.

    A menu of sort options appears.

  2. Tap the criteria you want to sort by.


    Displayed items are sorted by the criteria you chose — for example, alphabetically if you chose Name or Featured, or by date if you chose Release Date.

Preview iTunes music, movies, or audiobooks

Because you set up an iTunes account when you registered your iPad, when you choose to buy an item it’s automatically charged to the credit card you have on record. Therefore, it makes good sense to preview an item in iTunes before you buy/rent it. If you like it, buying/renting and downloading the item is then easy and quick.

  1. Open iTunes and locate an item you wish to preview.

  2. Tap the item to see detailed information about it.


    A description page appears.

  3. To preview a music selection, tap its track number or name. To preview a movie or audiobook, tap its Preview button.


    The preview is played. You’re returned to the original screen so you can purchase/rent the item if you like.

The iTunes Store offers several free selections, especially in the Podcast and iTunes U content categories. If you see one you want to try out, download it by tapping the button labeled Free and then tapping the Get Episode (or similarly named) button that appears.