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For Seniors: Share Music Preferences through Ping on iPad

Ping is a social network for music lovers that’s available right on your iPad 2. Through Ping, you can share your musical preferences with friends and colleagues, and maybe learn about an artist or two you might like to try. If you think of Facebook or other social networking sites and imagine that they’re focused around musical tastes, you have a good image of what Ping is all about.

After you join Ping, you can share the music you like with friends, take a look at the music your friends are purchasing, and follow your favorite artists to see what music they like. You can also access short previews of the music your friends like, and purchase the songs right on the spot, through iTunes.


If this sounds like something your grandchildren would do, you might be right. But if you have a few musical friends with whom you want to connect, Ping can be great fun.

To use Ping, activate it using iTunes on a PC or Mac by clicking the Ping link in the Source List and clicking the Turn On Ping button. Fill in your profile information, such as your name, gender, town, and musical preferences. After you save this information, you have a Ping home page and can start inviting friends to share musical inspirations with you.


One cool feature of Ping is that, on your Ping page, a list of concerts near you is displayed.