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For Seniors: Search the Internet in Safari on iPad 2

On your iPad 2, you can browse the Internet using the Safari web browser. Search the web for pages to view whenever you don’t know the exact address (URL) of the web site you wish to visit. After searching, you’re presented with a list of matching web pages you can visit.

For example, you might want to research a particular topic, locate a specific video or image, or find nearby businesses. Using Safari’s search capabilities, you can find related web pages quickly.

By default, Safari uses the Google search engine.

1With Safari open, tap in the Search field.

The onscreen keyboard appears.

2Enter a search word or phrase, and tap the Search key.

Google searches for web pages containing the search word or phrase, and displays a list of results.

3In the search results that are displayed, tap a link to visit that site.

The associated web page appears.

To change your default search engine from Google to Yahoo! or Bing, in iPad Settings, tap Safari and then tap Search Engine. Tap Yahoo! or Bing and your default browser changes.

You can browse for specific items such as images, videos, or maps by tapping that link at the top of the Google results screen. Also, tap the Advanced Search link under Google’s Search button to specify more search details and narrow your search.