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For Seniors: Recommended Apps for iPad 2

iPad 2 comes with many built-in apps, such as Contacts and Videos. But for seniors, there are many other apps for iPad that you might want to add — from games to financial tools and productivity applications. Many are useful, while others are just plain fun.

Some apps for iPad are free (such as iBooks) while others cost something (typically, from 99 cents to about ten dollars). Many are simply must-haves, especially if you are living a senior lifestyle

To add any of these apps to your iPad, tap the App Store icon on the Home screen. Then type the name the app you’re looking for in the Search box and tap the Search key on the onscreen keyboard:

  • Sudoku Daily (Free): If you like this mental math puzzle in print, try it out on your iPad. It has three lessons and several levels ranging from easiest to nightmare, making it a great way to make time fly by in the doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room.


  • Stocks Portfolio for iPad ($9.99): Keep track of your investments on your iPad with this app. You can create a watch list and record your stock performance.

  • Price Grabber iPad Edition (Free): Use this app to find low prices on just about everything. Read product reviews and compare list prices.

  • Flickr (Free): If you use the Flickr photo sharing service on your computer, why not bring the same features to your iPad? This app is useful for sharing images with family and friends.

  • Paint Studio ($.99): Get creative! You can use this powerful app to draw, paint, and even create special effects in your works of art. If you don’t need all these features, try Paint Studio Jr.

  • GarageBand ($4.99): If you love to make music, you’ll love this app, which has been part of the Mac stable for several years. Play piano, guitar, or a variety of other virtual musical instruments.

  • iBooks (free): An outstanding e-reader that opens up a world of reading on your iPad.

Most iPhone and iTouch apps will work on your iPad, so if you own an iPhone or iTouch and have some favorite apps on it, sync them to your computer using iTunes, and then to your iPad!