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For Seniors: Extend Your iPad’s Battery Life

Running out of battery life when using your iPad 2 is painful, especially if you are in the middle of something important. The 10-hour battery life of the iPad is much touted, but you can do some things to extend it even further.

  • Keep tabs on remaining battery life: You can estimate the amount of remaining battery life on your iPad by looking at the Battery icon on the far right end of the Status bar, at the top of your screen.

  • Use standard accessories to charge your iPad most effectively: When connected to a Mac computer for charging, the iPad can slowly charge; charging the iPad on certain PC connections, on the other hand, slowly drains the battery.

    Even so, the most effective way to charge your iPad is to plug it into the wall outlet using the Dock Connector to USB Cable and the 10W USB Power Adapter that comes with your iPad.


  • The fastest way to charge the iPad is to turn it off while charging it.

  • Your battery may lose power if you leave it connected to the USB port on an external keyboard.

  • The Battery icon on the Status bar lets you know when the charging is complete.

Your iPad battery is sealed in the unit, so you can’t replace it as you can with a laptop or cellphone battery. If you need to replace or service your battery, visit the Apple battery replacement service. Note that your warranty provides free battery replacement if the battery level dips below 50 percent and won’t go any higher during the first year you own your iPad.