For Seniors: E-Mail a Note from iPad 2 - dummies

For Seniors: E-Mail a Note from iPad 2

If you want to share what you wrote with a friend or colleague, you can easily e-mail the contents of an iPad 2 note. Share notes from a meeting, a list of favorite books or movies, favorite recipe, and more.

If you e-mail a note to yourself, you can import it into a word processor and add formatting and pictures if you like. You can also print the note (something you can’t do in Notes).

1With a note displayed, tap the E-Mail button at the bottom of the screen.

An e-mail form appears.

2Type one or more e-mail addresses in the appropriate fields.

At least one e-mail address must appear in the To field. The Cc field is used to send a copy of the message to someone; Bcc sends a blind carbon copy, which means that other people who receive this message will not know that it was sent to the Bcc address.

You can tap the button with a plus sign (+) on it in the top right corner of the e-mail message form to display your contacts list and choose recipients from it.

3If you need to make changes to the subject or message, tap in either area and make the changes.

The subject is initially the name of the note, but you can change it if you want. The e-mail message is the contents of your note, although you can add to the message text if you like.

4Tap the Send button.

Your e-mail is on its way.

To cancel an e-mail message and not send it, tap the Cancel button in the e-mail form and then tap Don’t Save. To leave a message but save a draft so that you can finish and send it later, tap Cancel and then tap Save. The next time you tap the e-mail button with the same note displayed in Notes, your draft appears.