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For Seniors: Download Games to iPad’s Game Center

Game Center is a one-stop gaming app for iPad 2. Game Center on iPad 2 helps you find and download games from the App Store, add friends to play against, and track scores.

You can also download games from the App Store and play them on your iPad without having to use Game Center, although why would you want to? Game Center makes finding and playing games so much easier.

  1. Open Game Center and sign in to your account.

  2. Tap the Games button at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Find Game Center Games.

    A list of games appears.

  3. Scroll through the list of featured games to find one you want to download.


    Quickly view featured, top selling, or games arranged into categories by tapping the Featured, Top Charts, or Categories button at the bottom of the screen. To search for a particular title, tap the Search field at the top of the window and enter its name by using the onscreen keyboard.

    If you have added friends to your account, you can go to the Friends page and view games your friends have downloaded. To purchase one of these games, just tap it in your friend’s list.

  4. Tap a game title.

    Information about the game appears.

  5. To buy a game, tap the button labeled with either the word free or the price, such as $1.99. Then tap the button again, which is now labeled Install App.

    A dialog appears, asking for your Apple ID password. Enter it and tap OK. Another verification dialog appears, asking you to sign in. Follow the instructions on the next couple of screens to enter your password and verify your payment information if this is the first time you’ve signed in to your account from this device.

  6. When the verification dialog appears, tap Buy.

    The game downloads.