How To Delete Notes on iPad - dummies

How To Delete Notes on iPad

Deleting notes on your iPad when you’re done with them frees up room for the information you want to keep. There’s no sense in letting your iPad notes list get cluttered, making it harder to find the ones you need, so delete notes after you decide they are no longer useful.

Not that notes can’t be useful, despite the fact that you can’t print them or add formatting or pictures. Use the Notes app to jot down your thoughts on the spot, take meeting notes, compile shopping lists, or take note of recommended books, movies, or fun websites to visit.

1Tap the Notes app icon on the Home screen.

The Notes app is opened.

2With the iPad in landscape orientation, tap a note in the notes list.

The note is opened. Its name is encircled in red in the notes list, so you can easily identify the note that is open.

If you need to find a specific note quickly, you can search for it using a keyword search, which scans the note title and text for any matches. After a search results list appears, you can open a note by tapping it.

3Tap the Trash Can button.

A menu appears.

4Tap the Delete Note button.

The note is deleted.